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actuaries is that adding some additional benefits in lowering the deductible -- maybe the out-of- pocket max will go down -- but i and what ther part actuaries are telling me is that the insurers now have to take everybody. they did not have to take people with pre-existing conditions before. they could exclude their medical condition from coverage. starting january 1, the law says they cannot do that anymore. they are building into their rates the fact that they have to take all comers. you and your wife are probably healthy, but you are now going to be more average. people who were healthier and younger may have lower rates. people who are older or sicker, those rates might adjust. it will bring everyone to more of an average. the insurers are deciding what they think their risk is instead of taking everyone and building it into the rates. it is making it difficult. kathleen sebeliust: asked about this at the energy and commerce committee hearing. want to get your thoughts on this. before, during, and after the law was passed the president kept saying if you like your plan, you can keep it
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1